Spin variations from driver design

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Spin variations from driver design

Post by dtutelman » Thu Jun 14, 2007 1:16 pm

Ron Blanchard wrote:Hopefully I did not miss this in the help files, but is there a way to account for/correct for a lower spin head (Cobra HS-9 deep face) vs. a higher spin head (like the Callaway Big Bertha Ti 2004)? Do I just change the spin under Launcher Parameters?
Hi, Ron!

You didn't miss a thing, unless it's where we explicitly say the program does not account for such differences.

Your suggestion is a very good one. Specifically...

Suppose you know that a specific head design has, say, 300rpm less spin than the average head. You can use the impact parameters to set up the head, then "tweak" the spin (a launch parameter) to decrease it by 300rpm. That's the beautiful thing about a program where you can move freely between impact and launch parameters.

BTW, when you decrease the spin, you will see a change in the impact parameters. Since the program only knows about that average head, it will make the impact parameters be what they'd have to, in order to get those launch parameters for the average head.

Hope this is what you wanted to hear.


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