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Post by Mikeb » Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:26 pm

OK, here is the mystery.. I compete in Long Drive.. Why is is that in Florida ( high heat and humidity) the drives don't fly near as far as out west. ( arizona for example)

I understand the effect of elevation - less air, the ball travels farther, however, Humid air is less dense than dry air,therefore the ball should travel farther. heat is not an issue since its the same.. On the traj sim.

BS 150
Launch 12
Spin 2500
Elevation 2000

= 249 yrds

If I change the elevation to zero

244 yards

So elevation is not a big effect ( elevation in Mesquite is 1400)

In Long drive - if a guy hits 350 in FLA - thats killed, in Mesquite NV, people go over 400 .. ( some players got to 420)

Some of it is roll, but not a 70 yard diff? wind is the same

My theory, hitting an watching is that in the desert, the ground heats up( no moisture- think cement) and can create a lifting action ( warm air rising) this keeps the ball int the air longer, thus longer drives. in FLA, teh ground is moist and spongy - thus it does not heat up


Mike B

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