Uphill and downhill

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Uphill and downhill

Post by dtutelman » Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:46 pm

I recently received an email with a good technical question about using TrajectoWare Drive. Please let me urge you all again to post such questions on the forum rather than private email, so everybody can contribute to the discussion and benefit from it. Thanks.

On to the topic...
Sun Ung Kim wrote:In Korea there are many uphill and downhill golf courses.

If I can send the ball 200yards at horizontal level, How do I prepare the distance for the direct-distance 200 yard-green at 10, 20, 30 yards below the horizontal level?
and also for the the direct-distance 200 yard-green at 10, 20, 30 yards above the horizontal level?

Please let me know the estimate methods. If you can give me the methods, REALLY THANK YOU!!
TrajectoWare Drive can easily handle the question you ask.

Look at the tabs on the bottom of the window. One of the tabs is labeled "Advanced Settings/Units". Select that tab. Now you will see a control for "Tee height". This will allow you to raise the tee (for the fairway below the tee) or lower it (for the fairway above the tee). This will do what you request.

But that may not be an accurate model of a hilly course. If the ball lands on a slope, then the height will vary with the distance of the drive. That is not modeled directly by TrajectoWare Drive. You can approximate the height with a good estimate of where the drive will land. Then you can check to see whether the distance agrees with your estimate; if not, then make another estimate and repeat.

Hope this helps,

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