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Post by stebbo » Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:07 am

Just a hi Dave and a note of appreciation for the work you publish. I'm an Electrical Engineer too and you definitely read my mind when you write, mentioning stuff all others ignore.

Couple of things regarding this thread:
Anthony wrote: Another question I have for those radar guys is "I wonder why the trackman can track the ball its whole length and the Zelocity makes no claim as to that". I guess a stronger radar.
It's not necessarily the stronger radar that does it, it's the fact that Trackman has a phased array of radars - in other words multiple radars angled in different directions. Accuracy over distance with a single radar can only be done if the radar rotates with the target, which of course is not practical in launch monitors.

I also remember reading somewhere that whereas the shift in frequency of the reflected pulse leads us to ball speed, the shift in phase can be used for measuring ball spin. I could imagine with their array of radars, they probably get quite different 'voiceprints' for different launch conditions from which a lot can be determined.

Here's an article worth a read if you haven't seen it already Dave, from the guys who helped out Trackman with the DSP: ... 5_golf.pdf

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