Units of height and altitude

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Units of height and altitude

Post by fschmidberger » Fri Jan 11, 2008 6:01 am

The following was posted as a download comment. Because it is a little hidden there, I repeat it here:

"One small point, while I really appreciate the facility to change virtually all the 'units' independently to familiar and prevailing usage, I would have thought that if one set 'distance/length' to 'meters, but 'altitude' to 'feet', then 'height' (results) would also appear in 'feet' (presently displays in 'meters, in accordance with 'length' units). In Oz we are totally 'metric', however 'altitude' below 10,000' is referred in 'feet' (aeronautically that is, we erstwhile pilots are hard to change! ). A small point, but I think a logical one.

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